• In 2020,

    In June 2020, Kangpinna and Donghua University jointly led the establishment of the National Advanced Printing and dyeing Technology Innovation Center

  • In 2020,

    April 13, 2020, Zaozhuang Kangpinna intelligent dyeing Factory project contract

  • In 2020,

    Contract for the Construction project of Heze Yuncheng Kangpinna Intelligent Dyeing Park on April 9, 2020

  • In 2019,

    In July 2019, Xinjiang Kangpinna Intelligent dyeing Factory went into production

  • In 2019,

    In March 2019, Liu Jiayi, secretary of shandong Provincial Party Committee, inspected the world's first intelligent dyeing factory

  • In 2018,

    In December 2018, the smart Dyeing Demonstration Industrial Project of bobbin yarn was awarded the 5th China Industrial Awards

  • In 2018,

    In July 2018, Xintai Kangpinna Intelligent dyeing Factory started

  • In 2018,

    In July 2018, Xintai Kangpinna Intelligent Dyeing Co., LTD signed the contract of intelligent dyeing factory with an annual output of 200,000 tons of bobbin yarn

  • In 2017,

    In September 2017, Jiangsu Kangpinna Intelligent dyeing Factory project was signed

  • In 2016,

    In November 2016, kangpinakula Intelligent dyeing Factory project was signed

  • In 2014,

    In 2014, "Complete set technology and Equipment for Digital automatic dyeing of bobbin yarn" won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

  • In 2013,

    Construction of Sihai Logistics Park began in 2013

  • In 2011,

    In 2011, The Construction of Yamaguchi Industrial Park began

  • In 2008,

    In 2008 campina science and technology industrial Park began construction

  • In 2005,

    Signed the industry-University-research cooperation ceremony with the General Institute of Mechanical Science Research

  • In 2004,

    Compina moved to the industrial park in 2004

  • In 2003,

    Signing ceremony for Columbus, Italy, 2003

  • In 1999,

    Taian Kangpina Company was established in 1999

  • In 1998,

    Compina was founded in 1998