Intelligent dyeing and finishing equipment

¡¡¡¡The package technology and equipment for digital automatic dyeing of cheese yarn developed by Kempina has reached the international leading level and won the first prize of the 2014 National Science and Technology Progress Award, to become the first first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award in the history of China's textile machinery, won The first prize of China Machinery Green Manufacturing Science and technology progress, the first prize of China Textile Industry Science and technology progress, the Gold Prize of the 17th International Industrial Expo, and the First Prize of Hong Kong Mulberry Textile Science and Technology Progress, listed in the state key new products, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "first set of major technology and equipment to promote the application of the directory" , Shandong Province major energy-saving achievements, "China printing and dyeing industry energy-saving and Emission Reduction Advanced Technology recommended directory" , become the National Water and energy conservation priority to promote products. Based on the first prize, the company has built an intelligent dyeing factory, which has realized the digital and intelligent production of the whole process of cheese yarn dyeing from the original yarn to the finished yarn. Compared with traditional dyeing, the first pass rate of dyeing has been raised from 70% to over 98% , the production efficiency has been improved by 28% , and the use of labor has been reduced by 80% , saving water by 70% , reducing sewage discharge by 68% and reducing energy consumption by 45% , making China the first country in the world to break through the whole process automatic dyeing technology and realize engineering application, to become the printing and dyeing industry transformation and upgrading, the realization of new and old kinetic energy conversion preferred. Included in the national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, Made in China 20252017 major landmark projects, Shandong province old and new kinetic energy conversion key projects.

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